Donate & Show Your Support

Why should you donate and why we need your donations? (Not in any real order - they're all important!)

#1 Reason - The Missing Animal Alert System

Help make the Missing Animal Alert system become a reality - help lost ones reconnect with their loves ones - quickly and efficiently.

#2 Reason - Special Offers!

Get access to special offers / coupons and discounts at local businesses - supporting local business and giving you opportunity to try their services for cheaper prices that we'll organize.

#3 Reason - Freebies Given Away Each Month!

Get 10 draw tickets per month for a chance to win a free stuff - like cool t-shirt from our store (coming soon)!

#4 Reason - Community

Help build this online dog community to be great! What makes up a community? People, and people who are interacting! And not only people interacting but people interacting with businesses. We want to create tools to foster relationships between citizens like you and businesses in your community. And very strongly we want give the dog community a stronger voice so when issues in the city will affect the quality of life or dog or animal owners comes up then there's an connected online community who cares and can be notified and respond. This connection will also allow for tainted dog / animal food alerts to be quickly sent out, as well as any unknown urgent messages that should get to all animal owners.

#5 Reason - Help Promote Responsible Dog / Pet Ownership

Help promote responsible dog / pet ownership. Owners of any animal that isn't responsible can be very dangerous - or just gross an annoyance such as poop being left on the ground. We hope to raise enough funding to support poop bag dispensers where they're most needed such as parks and other prime locations. We want to work with the city in whatever way possible in order to help everyone easier be a responsible pet owner.

#6 Reason - Get More Dogs & Other Animals Adopted From Shelters

Get more dogs and other animals adopted from shelters. Once we get the Media section of the site created we will be circulating pictures and videos of dogs and other animals waiting to be adopted to give them more exposure in hopes that they will be rescued before they're put down - which is sad, very sad, and we hope with your donation we can have a strong impact on getting many animals adopted.